Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism


 1. What is Walk YOUR Way for Autism ?

You may or may not have noticed that we’ve changed the name of our annual event. Because of social distancing recommendations, our Walk will be a virtual event again this year. In 2021, we want you to Walk YOUR Way for Autism on Saturday, June 12th. Walk, run, skip, ride your bike – do it YOUR way.

The Walk is an annual event to raise awareness and funds for much-needed autism programs and services in communities around Nova Scotia.

Walk YOUR Way for Autism is held in regions across Nova Scotia, and all funds raised remain in the regions where they were raised to support local programs in that area.

We are following recommendations from our Chief Medical Officer of Nova Scotia for social distancing protocols due to COVID-19, and therefore 2021’s Walk YOUR Way for Autism will be a virtual event.


2. How do I register?

Walk YOUR Way for Autism is Autism Nova Scotia’s largest community fundraising event. Now more than ever, we need your support in order to offer services and programs both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of our programs are now running online, and as public health directives start to ease, we are working hard to adapt our services to operate safely in our “new normal”.

This year’s Walk YOUR Way for Autism will be different from any other year. Because of COVID-19, we’re re-envisioning the Walk, and creating ways that we can Walk together at a distance. We hope you will join is in helping make it special!

You have 3 choices when you register:

A. You can pay your $20 registration fee and you will receive this year’s limited edition Walk YOUR Way for Autism t-shirt. You can also do some fundraising to help Autism Nova Scotia continue to offer programs and services to autistic individuals and their families across our province.

B. You can commit to fundraising a minimum of $20 and receive your limited edition Walk YOUR Way for Autism t-shirt.

C. You can choose not to pay the $20 registration and not receive this year’s special addition Walk YOUR Way for Autism t-shirt and wear one from a previous year, make your own, or wear something of your choice.

Please note: any additional t-shirts that you order will cost $20 – you can either pay for these by registering these extra individuals or commit to fundraising a minimum of $20 for each t-shirt.


3. When will I get my T-Shirt?
When you register, you will choose the size of the shirt(s) that you need, and you will have an opportunity to pick up your t-shirt(s) at a designated time and place in September.

The Walk Coordinator in your community will be letting you know dates, times & location for T-shirt pick.


4. How long is the walk?

Typically, the Walk routes can range from 1K to 5K. However, a virtual walk opens the door for you to walk in many different ways. You get to decide the distance that your route will be and where you want to walk. Maybe you want to walk in your neighbourhood or on a trail close by- the possibilities are endless!

We recommend that you start planning a route in your neighbourhood or local walking trails as soon as you register. You may also choose to bike or run, hop or skip your route! Have fun with this and make sure you take lots of pictures to share. Remember to follow public health guidelines when planning your route this year, and practice social distancing with those outside of your bubble!



1. How do I register?

Because this year’s event is virtual, you must register on-line. You can register as an individual or create your own team. You can even join a team that someone else has created. If you create your own team, you can easily register other people as part of your team if they can't do so themselves (i.e. if they are children, or don't have a computer). You can also send them an email invitation to join your team. The new online registration system makes it easy!


2. Do I have to register to participate?

Everyone who wants to Walk YOUR Way for Autism must register. You will choose your registration option when you register. This includes children and team members with ASD. Registration information can be found on this website. You can register as an individual, or as a member of a Team. Everyone who wants to participate and receive a special edition Walk YOUR Way for Autism t-shirt must either pay the $20 registration fee or commit to fundraising $20 minimum.


3. I have not registered online, but I want to Walk YOUR Way for Autism. Can I register on the day of the event?

Because this is a virtual event, and we won’t have a physical event space on the day of the Walk, you won’t be able to register the day of the event.


4. Who do I contact if I am having trouble registering?

Each Walk region has its own coordinator who will be able to help you with registration questions. You can find your coordinator's contact information on your location page.




1. How can I fundraise for Walk YOUR Way for Autism?
We are creating some great resources for you on how to reach your fundraising goals. Stay tuned for our new Fundraising Tools page!

You can print off a pledge form or download a virtual form to share online and ask the people you know to support this great cause.

Let them know that the funds you raise will stay in your region to support local autism programs and services.

It is important that everyone follow physical distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so we recommend that you ask your family, friends and co-workers to support you through phone calls, emails and social media. Wherever possible, we encourage you to ask your supporters to give online rather than with cash or cheque.

You can ask them to donate through your fundraising page on our website, or you can fill in their information on your pledge form and arrange to receive their donation by e-transfer, mail, or by drop-off at a safe distance.

Please ensure that you enter your cash/cheque pledges on your fundraising page by Tuesday, September 1st. You can continue to fundraise after that and bring any other donations with you (with the accompanying pledge form) to T-Shirt Pick Up and submit your pledge form(s) and donations to the Walk Coordinator in your region.

Unless specifically requested, tax receipts will be issued for cash/cheque gifts over $20 only.


2. How do I submit my offline pledges?


Pay electronically or by mail:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are strongly encouraging everyone to submit any cash pledges electronically or by money order if possible.

You may write a cheque to Autism Nova Scotia for the total amount of the cash you received*, pay with your credit card*, or go to a local bank and get a money order*, and mail to your Chapter with any other cheques and corresponding pledge sheets.

*Please note that you will not receive a tax receipt for this payment – tax receipts will be sent to the qualifying supporters on your pledge sheet.

In person:

If it is impossible for you to submit your offline pledges in any other way, you may bring your pledge sheets and any cash & cheques when you pick up your t-shirt(s). You will need to have this in order to receive your t-shirt.

Please make sure your full name, Team Name, and contact information are included on the donations and pledge forms you submit.

Remember to include your supporters’ full name (or company name if the donation is from a business and complete mailing address in order to receive a tax receipt

We suggest putting everything in a large ziplock bag and clearly writing your info on the outside. Sharpies work very well!

3. Where do I find my printable pledge form?

When you register, you will see a section on your screen that says FORMS. Click on the Pledge Form and print.

If you need further assistance getting your form, please contact your location's Walk Coordinator.


4. Can I enter cash and cheque pledges and donations so that they show on my thermometer?

Yes! Just log in and you will find the option to add your cash and cheque donations and pledges online. You will see your thermometer level go up, and you will help your Walk coordinators and volunteers to save time entering data after the Walk. Thank you for entering your own cash and cheque donations and pledges!


Tax Receipts


1. Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt unless otherwise requested. Donors who give online will receive an automatic tax receipt via email. Tax Receipts for offline donations will be sent out after the event. Donations under $20.00 will not receive a tax receipt unless specifically requested. Registration fees do not qualify for a tax receipt.

 PLEASE NOTE: You must submit a pledge form containing all cash or cheque donations with at minimum: full name and mailing address of each donor, how much they gave, and whether they request a tax receipt. If any of these details are missing, a tax receipt will not be sent out. To save costs of paper and postage, where possible please include an email address where their receipt can be sent.


2. What if I made an error in my donation?

Autism Nova Scotia is happy to refund your donation if you have made it in error. If you wish to request a refund, please contact us at walk@autismns.ca or call our office at 902-446-4995.




1. How many people can be on a team?

Teams can be as large or small as you like - so ask your friends, neighbours, families, and co-workers to Walk the Walk with you! Team registrations for all walk locations are easiest to do online. Please register in advance as this will help us to prepare the best Walk Day possible for you!


2. How do I invite people to be on my team?

When you register your team online, you can send invitations to your friends, family and other contacts right from your team page that you create for the Walk. They can accept your invitation from the email that they receive. You can also share your team page on your social media pages and direct people to join your team that way. It's as easy as that!