Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism



Walk YOUR Way Teams

Teams are such an exciting part of Walk YOUR Way for Autism. Together you can set exciting goals and work together to reach them in the weeks and months leading up to the Walk. On the day of the Walk, encourage your team to come together, and Walk YOUR Way as a group. You will find yourself surrounded by people who have worked hard with you from the start - and you get to CELEBRATE together.

Every team needs a Captain. Team Captains help keep their team up to date on communication items, gather t-shirt information for their team, rally the team together to fundraise and keep everyone motivated and excited. If you are passionate about Walk YOUR Way for Autism – then this is a great position for you.

Your Team

Your team can be made up of anybody and everybody. Share your story with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers about why you are walking this year, and invite them to join you. Bring as many on board as you want- this is your team and you get to decide how big it can be.

Does your workplace want to register?

We love our corporate teams; they bring so much energy to our special day each year. Registering as a corporate team can be an amazing team building activity for your staff, and an incredible way for your organization to give back in a tangible way to its community.

Consider registering your corporate team today!