Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism

Registration is OPEN for Walk YOUR Way on Saturday September 24th, 2022!

Thank you for particpating in our T-shirt Design Contest! Stay tuned for updates.


Walk YOUR Way 2022 will be a hybrid event this year on Saturday September 24th! You will have the option to join us in person or Walk YOUR Way!


Why We Walk
Walk YOUR Way is an annual event to raise awareness and funds for much-needed autism programs and services in communities around Nova Scotia.

We are committed to creating a world where all people on the autism spectrum can live their lives fully. Our nine regional chapters deliver programs and services that meet the needs of their local communities. Autism Nova Scotia’s mission is focused on building community capacity that enhances understanding, acceptance and inclusion for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

The scope of the programs we have developed allows us to support Autistic individuals across their lifespan. Whether it’s programming for toddlers and their families, assisting teens navigating the transition from secondary school, young adults developing healthy relationships or adults finding and maintaining meaningful employment, our organization offers the autism community a safe place to connect and discover what they need to lead fuller lives.

Autism Nova Scotia is a home for anyone on the autism spectrum and their families. We are so grateful for the generous support of our walkers, teams and donors that make all this possible.

Thank you for supporting our mission and creating real change in the world for neurodiversity.

Our Mission - We are a community-based organization that builds understanding, acceptance, and inclusion for Autistics/individuals on the autism spectrum and their families through leadership, advocacy, education, training, and programming across the lifespan.

Our Vision - A world where autism is understood, accepted, and everyone is living their lives fully


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