Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism

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Saturday June 8 2024



Your participation and contributions play a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of autistic community. By taking part in Walk YOUR Way, you are helping us continue vital programs, support services, and advocacy efforts across Nova Scotia. 

For more information about our programs and services visit our website: https://www.autismnovascotia.ca/ 

Annual Report 2022-2023 – Trailblazing Together can be found here


Contact your nearest chapter for questions about walk: 
HRM: Alyson Greeno agreeno@autismns.ca 
Annapolis Valley: Kathryn Burgher kburgher@autismns.ca
Cape BretonKristie Marsh cbregional@autismns.ca 
Cumberland: Elaine Mazur cumberlandcounty@autismns.ca 
South Shore: Chantal Milne southshore@autismns.ca 
South West: Jess Stichler southwestnova@autismns.ca
Strait Area: Natalie Stevens SA_RC@autismns.ca
Truro: Mike Francis truro@autismns.ca
Pictou: Kelsey Robson pictoucounty@autismns.ca 

Our Stories

  • Samantha
    My reason for walking is for my sweet, funny little boy, Mitchell. I am constant... more
  • Amanda
    In September my family and I will participate in our first Walk for Autism. As a... more
  • Vicki
    Our daughter Piper was diagnosed at age 4 with autism. I have seen first hand so... more
  • Sarah
     I am walking for my 3 year old daughter Daphne and to help raise awareness... more
  • Suzanne
    I am walking for my niece Tessa! Not only do I want to support her but support t... more
  • Crystal
    Our family is walking to raise funds to support the many programs available to o... more
  • Elaine
     Autism has been a part of my life when I was blessed with my wonderful dau... more
  • Trevor
    Personally, I myself am autistic, so this immediately has personal significance.... more
  • Nancy
     Each step we take is one step closer to understanding and acceptance! more
      We are walking for my granddaughter,  Nevaeh. Nevaeh is 3 years old.... more
  • Alison
    For our son Grayson. "Autism is not a disability, it is a different abilit... more
  • Melissa
    Lily has enjoyed and benefitted from the APC Swim Therapy and Music Therapy prog... more
  • Kiana
    This year I am walking to increase acceptace towards those with ASD and raise mo... more
  • Kyle/Brandon
      The Avery family will walk to ensure that the programs and services for ... more
  • Amy
    We are walking in support of our sweet daughter, Tessa. With us, we will have ou... more
  • Jenna
    I walk for my son Nolan Thomas. Nolan was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 ... more
  • Kalei
    This year we are back for our second "Walk your way for autism". We ar... more
  • Riley
    We are walking for our sweet 6 year old boy Tanner... Tanner is non verbal howev... more
  • Kristin
    We are participating in the upcoming event for Autism Nova Scotia in honor of my... more
  • Dineen
     We are the proud family of a beautiful boy with autism and he is the light... more