Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism


Thank you for showing your support and commitment to the autistic community by taking part in Walk YOUR Way 2024. The event would have not been possible without the generosity of our incredible community, Walk participants, volunteers, Presenting Sponsor: Carson Exports, Provincial Sponsor: Farnell Packaging, and contributing partners.

It was incredible coming together in NINE different locations across the province in-person and virtually to celebrate the autistic community and to continue to build understanding, acceptance and inclusion for Autistic individuals and the people who love them. 

Please see below for key dates and deadlines for fundraising:

  • June 14, 2024 - Deadline for online donations and funds to be brought in to Chapters to be counted towards team and individual goals.
  • June 25, 2024 - Top Fundraisers announced, stay tuned to your e-mails and social! Winners will be contacted directly.

Stay tuned for details on Walk 2025. We hope to see you there!

For more information about our programs and services visit our website: https://www.autismnovascotia.ca/ 

Annual Report 2023-2024 – Action for Equity can be found here


Contact your nearest Chapter for questions about Walk: 
  • HRM: Alyson Greeno agreeno@autismns.ca 
  • Annapolis Valley: Kathryn Burgher kburgher@autismns.ca
  • Cape BretonKristie Marsh cbregional@autismns.ca 
  • Cumberland: Elaine Mazur cumberlandcounty@autismns.ca 
  • South Shore: Chantal Milne southshore@autismns.ca 
  • South West: Jess Stichler southwestnova@autismns.ca
  • Strait Area: Natalie Stevens SA_RC@autismns.ca
  • Truro: Mike Francis truro@autismns.ca
  • Pictou: Kelsey Robson pictoucounty@autismns.ca 

Our Stories

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      The Avery family will walk to ensure that the programs and services for ... more
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    I am walking for my niece Tessa! Not only do I want to support her but support t... more
  • Lindsay
    Always looking for ways to support our families  more
  • Christina
    We're walking for our sweet, WILD boy Ciaran. We're walking for cousins Lucas an... more
  • Lisa
     I am walking to support my two boys. Both are on the Autism Spectrum. They... more
  • Sarah
    I'm walking this weekend for my daughter,family members and many children around... more
  • Krystal
     Im walking for my little man , who throughout the years has shown me what ... more
  • Peter
    We are walking for Adam! more
  • Lydia
    Eva:" I am walking because this will be helping others with Autism." ... more
  • Melissa
    We are walking for our beloved four-year-old son, Cooper Dean, who was diagnosed... more
  • Jerrica
    Our youngest daughter Isla recently received her official ASD Diagnoses, she jus... more
  • Alicia
    We are walking with family and friends for autism awareness, acceptance and fund... more
  • alanna
     Were walking for our son Roman. Roman is an amazing super handsome little ... more
  • Dupie
     I am walking for my Granddaughter Sadie who is on the autism spectrum. Sad... more
  • Sharon
    I walk because I love my grandson who has Autism.   more
  • Angela
    Harrison was diagnosed with autism in the summer of 2021, and Duke was just rece... more
  • Mary
     We're walking in support of awareness, acceptance, understanding for the m... more
  • Victoria Ettinger
  • Natalie
     We are walking for our son, Nolan. For awareness and understanding, and fo... more
  • Colby
     Mom, Dad and I are walking so everyone with Autism can play and have fun. more