Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism


The Fox Pack

We are an Adult Autism Social Group  that meets on Monday evenings at the Kentville Autism Centre.  

Why I'm Walking

Eva:" I am walking because this will be helping others with Autism."

Jess C.: "I went to the walk before in Kingston and Middleton with Suzie. I really enjoyed the fun and entertainment."

Nick I. “I want to walk to raise money. My social group is everything to me and I want to support it.”

Patty I. (Nick's Mom) is walking because “We value the Annapolis Chapter of Autism NS so much. The commitment of the staff, and the volunteers to make activities inclusive, while meeting the needs of many different participants, is amazing to see. Nick’s quality of social life is vastly better because of all the association and support teams do.”

 Lydia L: I am walking for my daughter Eva. These programs help grow her social skills. It is so heart warming to see the friendships that have been developed. She looks forward to her social gatherings and lately Virtual ones. Every Summer she has been enjoying the Summer Camps where she feels she belongs and can also contribute. Thank you Autism Nova Scotia.

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