Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism

Thank you to everyone who participated in Walk 2023 across the province.

Stay tuned for updates on Walk 2024!


For more information about our programs and services visit our website: https://www.autismnovascotia.ca/ 

Annual Report 2022-2023 – Trailblazing Together can be found here



Our Stories

  • Mary
     I am again walking in support of not only my two nephews who have autism b... more
  • Kiana
    This year I am walking to increase acceptace towards those with ASD and raise mo... more
  • Erin
    I am walking for my bonus babe Eden. Eden came into my life last year and has ... more
  • Kathy
    We're walking in support of our community and also for our Maddox; who has not b... more
  • Laura
     I am walking for all my friends, family, coworkers and community members w... more
  • Bailey
    I am walking as a thank you.   A thank you to everyone who has supported me... more
  • Heather
    I am walking as a proud grandmother of an amazing little guy.  Noah is the ... more
  • Samantha
     I am walking so that I can show my daughter that there are lots of people ... more
  • Marty
     We are walking to help raise awareness for all of those living on the Spec... more
  • Michelle
     I am walking for my youngest daughter Dallas. Since she was born we have h... more
  • Jennifer
    I am walking for my son.  I am so proud of him for all his hard work in sch... more
  • Amanda
    In September my family and I will participate in our first Walk for Autism. As a... more
  • Emelia
     I have been involved in supporting neurodivergent folks pretty much my ent... more
  • April
     We are walking for not only our sweet boys, but for all the amazing kiddos... more
  • Mary
     We're walking in support of awareness, acceptance, understanding for the m... more
  • Kelley
    I will be walking for Elli along with all the great kids I work with!  more
  • Shannon
     We are walking for this fundraiser because it's such an important cause to... more
  • Jolene
    My son Aiden was diagnosed at 2 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and he will ... more
  • Melissa
    We are walking for our beloved three-year-old son, Cooper Dean, who was diagnose... more
  • Nicole
     After years of struggling and misdiagnosis, I was given a suspected diagno... more