Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism

Details about our 2023 Walk coming soon!

A huge thank you to our teams and participants for your incredible dedication to the autism community and to each other. You have been an essential part of helping to create a world where autism is understood, accepted, and everyone is living their lives fully.  

For more information on your local Walk, please check your Chapter Facebook page or your local Walk website page.


Our Stories

  • John
    For myself and all my friends who have autism too  more
  • Janet
    I have had the pleasure of working with amazing Autistic students that have taug... more
  • Danielle
     My family and I walk for memebers of our family, and to help support the w... more
  • Mary
     We're walking in support of awareness, acceptance, understanding for the m... more
  • Jamie
    We walk for River Sue! and to support our local Autism Centre because they alway... more
  • Amber
    Our little girl Elivieve was diagnosed in December 2020. As she grows we want h... more
  • Angela
    Harrison was diagnosed with autism in the summer of 2021. He had a busy year wit... more
  • Samantha
     Nate requires spcial programming to help reach his full potential. Thank y... more
  • Sarah
     As her family, friends and supporters, we are walking for Ainsley.  B... more
  • Lisa
     I am walking to support my two boys. Both are on the Autism Spectrum. They... more
  • Elaine
     Autism has been a part of my life when I was blessed with my wonderful dau... more
  • Kelly
     I'm walking for my sweet 4 year old son Jack and all others that share thi... more
  • Shataya
    I want to walk for the community.  I want to walk for my family . Especiall... more
  • Christina
    I'm walking to bring awareness so that my perfect boy doesn't feel any less than... more
  • Amanda
     We are walking for our son Adler who is 4. He was officially diagnosed thi... more
  • Parker
    We are walking to raise awareness for friends and family on the Autism Spectrum ... more
  • Laura
     I am walking for all my friends, family, coworkers and community members w... more
  • Ann Elizabeth
     I will be taking part in "Walk YOUR Way for Autism Nova Scotia 2022&q... more
  • Peter
    We are walking for Adam! more
  • Crystal
    Our family is walking to raise funds to support the many programs available to o... more